bicycle repair

Community Bicycle Programs

Earn-a-Bike Program

We realize that not everyone who needs a bicycle can afford one. By signing up for our “Earn-a-Bike” program they can volunteer six hours with us, or any of our Bay Area nonprofit partners, in exchange for one of our "Community Bicycles." We’re proud of a program that allows an individual in need to acquire a bicycle, but also pay it forward and help to raise the quality of life for someone else.

Nonprofit Partner Bicycle Purchase Program

At Community Cycles, we work with several nonprofit partners whose clients rely on bicycles as their primary means of transportation or who work towards getting bicycles to children of low-income families. Our goal is to help them help their clients. We do this by providing Community Bicycles and safety packages at significant discounts to those who have budgets and at no cost to those who don’t. Email us to learn more.

Free Mobile Repair Clinic

In addition to supplying bicycles, we also support the community with Free Mobile Bicycle Repair Clinics. We understand that many of our clients live in areas where there are no repair shops, so we go to them rather than having them to travel to us. Our mobile repair units roll up to shelters, schools, even libraries to offer free basic repair to the cyclists in need.

Bicycle Maintenance Group Classes

Community Cycles offers a variety of group classes that range from basic bicycle mechanics, the “ABC’s of Bicycle Maintenance & Safety,” to more in-depth, multi-week, certified mechanic courses. No matter the makeup of the group, we have classes tailored for every age group and skill level.

Group classes (5-10) only at this time.

Email us today to inquire about details and prices.

Housing Based Bicycle Centers

An innovative and collaborative approach with affordable housing developers and support service providers establishes repair centers where people live- in their apartment complexes. Residents, candidates for the Vocational Training Program, learn to operate the repair center for their fellow residents. This program eliminates the need for travel so residents not only have onsite repair access, but options for around-the-clock availability and bicycle education. Email us to partner or learn more.