2321 Free Bicycle Repairs Provided

821 Free Bicycles Granted

4338 Earn-a-Bike Volunteer Hours in the Community

Proceeds from our bike shop combine with your contributions to provide:

  • Free bikes and repairs to those in need

  • Paid education and training to jobseekers

Little Girl on Bike
Bike Recipient

Veteran & bike recipient

Riding the bike relaxes me and is helping with my health. I have a bad hip, so riding to the store is more comfortable than walking.

Mechanic Michael

Michael, Veteran, trainee
& CCofCA bike mechanic

Learning to master mechanical problems allowed me to put my all into each task, which gives me a bigger purpose outside myself.
And that’s helped me get a better handle on my mental health.

Cindy and Collin, Co-Founders

The longer I do this, the more I feel we are just scratching the surface of what we can do with CCofCA’s charitable and business training programs.

-Collin Bruce, Co-Founder & CEO

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