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Our nonprofit employment social enterprise is committed to an inclusive environment that represents different backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints at all levels. From our staff, volunteers, customers, clients, program participants, partners and to board members, we embrace diversity and strive to create conditions and programs where everyone feels respected, supported and is given an equal opportunity to thrive.

All Backgrounds. All Cultures. All Viewpoints.

Collin, Co-Founder

Collin Bruce

Co-Founder & CEO

Bikes have always been a fun hobby for me, and after a health scare in 2009 I started riding again and helping organizations like Livestrong and the AIDs LifeCycle.

In 2015, I retired from 50 years of hi-tech sales and marketing and decided it was time to do something fun and give back, eventually landing in a bicycle non-profit, which is where I met Cindy. It wasn't long before we began to brainstorm the shared vision that led to the 2017 launch of Community Cycles.


We are just scratching the surface of what we believe needs to be done, and in the meantime, I love spending my days in the shop or delivering and repairing bikes in the field. The resources and training we provide empower people every day, and that's a great feeling.


If I'm not in the shop or on my bike, you'll find me spending time with my wife Morrigan and our grandchildren. 

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Cindy, Co-Founder

Cindy J. Ahola

Co-Founder, COO & President

Riding a bike as a kid meant freedom! I grew up in a small midwestern town so whether you lived in town or in the country, riding your bike was how you got to see your friends. When I moved to Boston for college, my bike was how I commuted. Fast forward to today and I still commute by bike most days.

As a middle school teacher then nonprofit manager for many years, uncovering my passion for the work Community Cycles now tackles was a natural and gradual process. Our work is driven by a commitment to helping people realize their potential so that they experience personal growth and deeper engagement with their community.


That trajectory is deeply personal for me because I was homeless as a college student, so I understand how difficult it is to think about thriving when you are consumed with surviving. During that time I learned the importance of having a strong support network – and if CCofCA can be that for someone, then we’re on the right track.

When I’m not in the shop or on my bike, I'm outside enjoying our California weather. My husband, Michael, and I love to travel, and try new sports and hobbies - kite landboarding is our latest adventure.

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Board of Directors

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James Luther 

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Advisory Board 

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