Donating Bikes and Accessories

Accepted Tuesday - Sunday from 11am - 4pm 
35 Wilson Ave. San Jose, CA 95162


    We accept:  

  • Quality bikes of all types and sizes * 

  • Bikes with flat tires or few broken/missing parts

  • Gently used parts and accessories

    We cannot accept:  

  • Bike frames

  • Used helmets, clothing or child seats

  • Bikes that have been to Burning Man

* Not sure if your bike should be donated? Ask yourself...

  • If purchased in a department store (e.g. Target) is it in like-new condition? *

  • does it have minimal broken/missing parts?

  • Is it clean enough to offer as a gift? 

  • Is it mostly free of rust, corrosion, and dents?

  • Is it accident free?

  • Could it be repaired in one hour? 

* Department store bikes are not manufactured to be repaired and require new parts which become cost prohibitive. 

Still have questions?