The Team

Having worked together since 2014, we learned early on that our approaches to business, management, and the need to support our community are very similar. We bring to the table a variety of strengths that are well complemented by one another.


Collin is our big idea person! He excels in instantly recognizing and creating mutually beneficial opportunities with others. Cindy excels in understanding details, establishing methods, and engaging the people necessary to support those big ideas.


Together, we will focus on raising the quality of life in our corner of the community. We will do this by turning problems into possibilities and not allowing obstacles to dissuade us from finding solutions.

~ Cindy & Collin

Cindy Ahola

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Cindy has a background in public education and nonprofit management and operations. She has always been drawn to dynamic, collaborative environments and maximizes the potential of groups by recognizing and emphasizing individual strengths. In her earlier career, Cindy was a middle school teacher, developed behavior and academic programs for elementary and middle school students, was a youth counselor focusing on conflict resolution, and mentored teacher credential candidates. More recently, Cindy has been involved in the operational management of small nonprofits, increasing revenue streams in social enterprise settings, and volunteering in leadership roles in the downtown San Jose community.

Collin Bruce

Co-Founder & CEO

Collin has a background in high tech sales and marketing with a special focus on start-ups and small divisions within corporations. Collin has always taken an interest in training and mentoring his staff. With his outside interests and hobbies, he has exhibited the same traits. In his early years Collin worked in youth clubs, coached swimming, and organized skydiving classes and events and mentored students. In recent years, Collin has worked for several non-profits as a consultant and employee. He developed marketing, volunteer, and corporate programs as well as trained and mentored volunteers. 

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